Dragonfly earrings made of white gold and gems


Connected to water and air, the dragonfly represents transformation, wisdom and lightness. Beautiful handcrafted white gold dragonfly earrings with diamond wings and the charming sparkle of chalcedony, chrysophase, tanzanite, tsavorite and sapphire. Nature captured in white gold and colourful gemstones. Gems total 3.06ct. Diamonds 0.59ct.

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Dragonfly earrings white gold and colourful gems

White gold dragonfly earrings as a tribute to lightness, sparkling and Nature. These handmade white gold earrings are part of the made by Bonebakker Collection. With their transparent, glittering wings and graceful shape, made from white gold, diamonds and precious stones in soft colors, these earrings are true eye candy.

Light and tender

The striking yet lovely design, along with 0.59cts of diamonds and 3.06ct of chalcedony, chrysoprase, tanzanite, tsavorite and sapphire make these earrings definitely desirable. Determined by the colour and choice of gemstones, the dragonfly earrings are each unique in their own right. The gemstones are set to create a beautiful, natural display of colors. The result is a fascinating appearance: sparkling, light and tender.

Dragonfly earrings as a love gift

Dragonflies begin life in the water and then change to live in the air. Because of this special characteristic, dragonflies symbolise the art of living and transformation. When a dragonfly lands on you, it is said to be an indication of good fortune. In Japan, the dragonfly enjoys a special status. It is a symbol of joy and rebirth. For this reason, dragonflies also represent prosperity, harmony and loving relationships. This is a nice thought when you want to give these earrings to a loved one or as a special gift to yourself.

Want to experience more of the Made by Bonebakker collection?

If you have fallen in love with these sophisticated dragonfly earrings, you can order them from the webshop. Furthermore, you are very welcome to experience these jewels in our jewelry shop, located in the beautiful and luxurious Conservatorium Hotel in Amsterdam. We are also happy to manufacture your one-of-a-kind jewellery on request. At Bonebakker, we celebrate over 230 years of making unique jewellery.