DINH VAN Le Cube Diamant bangle bracelet white gold and diamonds – S O L D



Combining two opposite geometric figures, one round and the other square. The openwork cube on four sides lets in the light to enhance the diamond. For daily wear, dinh van Maison signs a new aesthetic with a rounded and sensual frame that finely wraps around the wrist.

Available in the three colors of gold, two diamonds complete its distinctive and sophisticated shape. The total carat weight is 0.38ct.

This version can be stacked with the other Le Cube Diamant bracelets to create a precious and luminous combination.

This bracelet comes beautifully packaged in its original Dinh Van presentation box with a certificate of authenticity.

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This dinh van Le Cube Diamant bangle bracelet is the ultimate dinh van design. All eyes will be on this bracelet because of its simplicity and elegance. Two brilliant-cut diamonds are held by two cubes of yellow gold. The cube is perforated to let in the light and make the two gemstones sparkle. The shoulders of the bangle are set with diamonds, to enhance the beauty of the design. Like all Le Cube Diamant jewellery by dinh van, this bangle bears distinctive geometric characteristics.

Le Cube Diamant bangle, over-the-top minimalism

Pure designs have always been the goal of Jean Dinh Van, the name giver of the brand. The artist was born in 1927 to Vietnamese/French parents. After having worked for Cartier in Paris for ten years, he decided to set up his own brand in 1965. The jewellery he wished to create was timeless, wearable and stripped down to its bare essence. The two diamonds that enhance the beauty of this exquisite bangle, have a total carat weight of 0.44 crts, which is more than enough to make a sparkling entrance anywhere.

Le Cube Diamant – the epitome of purist design

This large size Le Cube Diamant bangle in yellow gold with two diamonds is the epitome of purist design. Yet, Jean Dinh Van would highly approve of you stacking this bracelet on top of others. Preferably diamond-set ones! The bangle is available in three shades of gold, so you can easily compose your own precious and radiant combination.

More dinh van in Amsterdam

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