dinh van Double Coeurs bracelet yellow-gold


Double Cœurs R10 bracelet in yellow gold.

Previously featuring a horizontal pattern, the new Double Coeurs line offers a vertical design. A new way to say that « You & Me » are one.

Length of the chain: 17 cm.
Adjustable to 15 and 16 cm.

This bracelet comes beautifully packaged in its original Dinh Van presentation box with a certificate of authenticity.

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DINH VAN Double Coeurs Bracelet Yellow Gold

The dinh of Double Coeurs bracelet is a discreet message of love. A wordless way of saying: ‘this band is special’. Whether you say this to a loved one, or as a message to yourself. The two 18 karat gold hearts – or in French: les doubles coeurs – that hug each other are loosely inspired by the iconic dinh van Menottes collection. Only now executed with two hearts! Menottes is the French word for handcuffs. Timelessly and beautiful, the brand renews classic dinh van codes into the latest collections of jewellery. The result is recognizable creations that speak directly to the heart.

Double Coeurs bracelet: jewellery for lovers

With the Menottes collection, the house presented in the late 70s jewellery with two interlocking ‘handcuffs’, as a replacement for the classic jewellery lock. As a result, the closure ingeniously became the eye-catcher. A different way of wearing jewellery with a strong message linked to it. Because it is impossible to separate two handcuffs brought together, the dinh van Menottes collection became a beloved collection for lovers.

Double hearts: jewelry for powerful women

Did you know the history of dinh van goes back to the sixties? A time when expression, women’s emancipation and distancing from the beaten track became increasingly important. Jean Dinh understood the art of designing jewellery that frees women from tradition. dinh van collections are made for the modern, independent woman who confidently and apart from all trends chooses her own jewellery. Precisely in omitting the superfluous, which makes the designs so powerful. No wonder even today dinh van collections stand out among modern women. The dinh van woman wants a discreet touch of luxury in her daily clothes, which she wears for herself. Not for those who tell her what she will wear.

More dinh van in Amsterdam

Did you embrace this dinh van Double Coeurs bracelet as much as we do? dinh van jewellery is exclusively available at Bonebakker Amsterdam. We invite you to visit our online jewellery store, to see part of the collection we carry and would love to welcome you to our shop at the Conservatorium Hotel for a personal rendez-vous. We can show you the full range of beautiful dinh van jewellery there.