Set of 18kt White gold Diamond Bracelet with diamonds – Blue Bridge


18 karat White gold ‘Reflection’ Diamond Bracelet, Bridges of Amsterdam Collection

Amsterdam has more than 1500 bridges that with their characteristic appearance bejewel the city giving it a makeover so dramatic that it is hard to not admire it.

On a bright sunny day the bridges mirror in detail in the water of the Amstel River creating a lovely mirage. This spectacle is translated into the adjustable set of bracelets worn mirrored or in the opposite way as a band, hold together by tiny magnets.

total weight of diamonds 0.23 + 0.25 carat

bracelets can be purchased separately



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Diamond Bracelet ‘Reflection’ 18 karat White gold from the  Bridges of Amsterdam Collection

The shape of this designer diamond bracelet is inspired by one of the many beautiful bridges in Amsterdam. A visit to Amsterdam is a visit to a dynamic city. A city with character, charm, and many special canals, architecture, and museums. All of them tell the story of a rich trading city and a colonial past that have shaped the image of the town.

Diamond bracelet from the Bridges of Amsterdam Collection

Amsterdam has 1500 bridges that all contribute to the special appearance of Amsterdam as a port city and trading city. The many beautiful bridges, atmospherically lit at night, contribute to the ‘must see’ character of ‘The Bridges of Amsterdam’. This white gold diamond bracelet ‘Reflection’ is inspired by the architecture and brilliance of the Amsterdam bridges. The ‘Bridges of Amsterdam collection’ consists of various design bracelets. Each of the white gold bracelets is enriched with diamonds that are placed in such a way that they are reminiscent of the architecture of the Amsterdam bridges.

Oh so intriguing 

A diamond bracelet from the Bridges of Amsterdam collection is a lasting souvenir of your visit to Amsterdam. Wear the atmospheric character of The Netherlands’ oldest and most characteristic bridges in a diamond piece of jewellery with a modern, timeless but oh-so-intriguing look. These, and all other diamond bracelets from the Bridges of Amsterdam Collection are exclusively available at Bonebakker Amsterdam. Each diamond bracelet is designer made.

Bridges of Amsterdam Collection

The Bridges of Amsterdam Collection is an exclusive Bonebakker collection.  Unfortunately, we can only show you a limited number of jewellery designs online. That is why we invite you to visit our jewelry store in the Conservatorium Hotel in Amsterdam, to view the full range of designer jewellery from this and other Bonebakker collections.