Cord bracelet Key of Amsterdam- on braided black cord


A sporty way to carry the key of Amsterdam bracelet with you. Choose 18K yellow gold, white gold or rose gold, on a braided black cord. Size of the key: 30 mm.

The cord bracelet will be sent to you in exclusive gift packaging.

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 Cord bracelet Key of Amsterdam

A cord bracelet from the Key of Amsterdam collection by Bonebakker has different meanings. Wear this bracelet because of the symbolism of an entrusted key, as a souvenir to the city of Amsterdam, or simply because it is irresistibly fun, colourful and versatile.

A cord bracelet with symbolism

Keys have multifaceted meanings. Is it the key that provides access to the heart you desire, or is there a well-kept secret behind the key? Only you can answer this intriguing question. Whatever the answer, you carry the secret with you, hidden in a stylish 18 K handcrafted yellow gold, white gold or rose gold key. Safely attached on a cord bracelet made of solid braided black cord.

Our story behind every cord bracelet Key of Amsterdam

The Key of Amsterdam collection harks back to Bonebakker’s long history. The Key takes symbolizes our connection to the city of Amsterdam, to the Netherlands and to Bonebakker itself. We take you back to 1806. In that year, it was the honour of Adrianus Bonebakker, the founder of Bonebakker, to create a city key that was handed over to Napoleon in Amsterdam. It is one of the special highlights on the timeline of Bonebakker jewellery.

The Key of Amsterdam Collection

The Amsterdam Key Collection is a collection of handmade gold jewelry in which keys play an important role. Sometimes, it involves a whole key, such as this Cord bracelet Key of Amsterdam, which is placed between a cord for a trendy and sporty look. In other jewellery from the Key of Amsterdam Collection, part of a key is visible.

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The complete Key of Amsterdam collection is versatile and colorful. The symbolism of the key, as well as our own story, is incorporated in rings, bracelets necklaces and ear jewellery. Sometimes they show a sporty character, as in this Cord bracelet Key of Amsterdam for men and women. In other designs, the Key is decorated with sparkling diamonds. You can see a preview on our webshop. Would you like to experience a total impression of the Key of Amsterdam Collection? We invite you to come and try on the jewelry of your choice in our jewellery shop at the Conservatorium Hotel.

Additional Information
Type gold

18kt pink gold, 18kt white gold, 18kt yellow gold