Rings Mirrored Bridges on the Canals


On an 18-carat gold band, available in rose, white, and yellow gold, two rows of seven diamonds totalling 0.25 carats are set. Just like the entire ‘Bridges of Amsterdam’ collection, the ring draws inspiration from the mirrored bridges over the Amsterdam canals.

Paired with a second ring, it creates the effect of a mirrored bridge, a hallmark for which Amsterdam is renowned. This handmade ring is as timeless as the centuries-old Amsterdam bridges, yet as captivating and shimmering as Amsterdam beneath a starlit sky. Perhaps this is the secret to why this piece, adorned with high-quality diamonds, so effortlessly complements your personal style of the day (or night)?

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Exclusive Rings Bridges of Amsterdam Collection

The exclusive rings from the ‘Bridges of Amsterdam’ Bonebakker collection draw inspiration from the over 1500 bridges of the city of Amsterdam. This specially crafted collection, consisting of gold jewellery set with diamonds and various gemstones, emphasizes the proud and centuries-old bond between Bonebakker Jewelers and Amsterdam. There is one centre ring that can be adorned with two side-rings to make the ‘reflection’ even brighter!

The start of a new tradition

The celebration of Bonebakker’s 225th anniversary in 2017 was a perfect time to start a new tradition. It became the Bridges of Amsterdam collection. The collection is a tribute to Amsterdam’s famous bridge architecture that allows Amsterdammers and people from all over the world to enjoy a walk along Amsterdam’s canals and bridges. Especially at night, the illuminated bridges form a unique backdrop that is unmatched anywhere in the world.

Rings with top-quality gemstones

The original anniversary collection ‘Amsterdamse Brug’ consists of jewellery that reflects the characteristic style elements of Amsterdam’s famous bridges. The enchantment of the many lights, reflected in the water, is symbolized in the pieces by shimmering top-quality diamonds, rose-cut black diamonds, sapphires and tanzanites.

Rings from Amsterdam with a story

The design jewellery from the Bridges of Amsterdam collection consists of handmade jewellery, rich in stories. The design of the very first ring in this line was inspired by a famous point in Amsterdam. It’s a point where one can admire most of the bridges one after the other, located at the Thorbeckeplein/Reguliersgracht. This place also has a special significance in the history of Bonebakker, as the first shop was once opened here. The collection also features jewellery that pays homage to the Amsterdam School Style, with its distinctive wrought iron balustrades, expressive stonework, and vibrant colours.

Discover exclusive rings from the Bridges of Amsterdam collection

Would you like to discover more about the exclusive rings and jewellery from the ‘Amsterdam Bridges’ collection? A selection of the jewellery can be viewed via our website. Visit for a full experience our jewellery boutique in the Conservatorium Hotel.