Bonebakker apple green Paraiba tourmaline ring yellow gold


Unique green tourmaline ring

A rare freak of Nature, this bright apple green coloured pear-cut Paraïba tourmaline (4 crts). The Bonebakker Atelier has mounted this beauty in an 18kt yellow gold ring and surrounded it by diamonds (0.30 crt). A unique piece!

Rare and mesmerizing, the Green Paraiba Tourmaline stands in a class of its own. With its stunning electric green hue and exceptional clarity, this gemstone captivates the eye and captures the essence of rarity and beauty. This  Green Paraiba Tourmaline was meticulously selected for its vibrant colour and brilliance, ensuring that your ring will be a true statement piece. Embrace the allure and exclusivity of this extraordinary gemstone and elevate your style with a truly one-of-a-kind ring.

From the same very exclusive raw tourmaline another mesmerizing stone has been cut. A match made in heaven was made.