Bonebakker 4.70 Carat Diamond White Gold Snake Ring with brilliant and rose cut diamonds


This exceptional ring is designed as a coiled snake. It is pave set with 2.72 carat rose cut diamonds and 1.98 carat brilliant cut diamonds resembling the pattern of snakeskin. A bold, yet comfortable design, this snake ring slithers up the finger for a fiercely fashionable look that is so easy to wear.

The ring is a European size 55, which is a US size 7 1/8

This stunning 18 karat white gold snake ring delights the senses and brings good fortune. In total it weighs 30.65 grams.

This Bonebakker ring is in new condition and is accompanied with its original box and certifcate.

Throughout time the snake has been depicted in precious jewelry. “What makes this creature so intriguing to mankind is its dual expression of good and evil, fertility and rebirth, poison and medicine. Throughout time, different civilizations have interpreted the serpent’s symbolism in different ways: the Egyptians saw it represent royalty and deity; in Rabbinical tradition and Hinduisim, the snake represents sexual passion and desire; while the Romans interpreted the snake as a symbol of everlasting love. While Cleopatra may be the most notable historic figure to espouse the wearing of snake jewelry, Greek, Nordic, African, and Native Americans have all celebrated this intriguing reptile in gilded forms with varying meaning” (jewels du jour -wrapped in history snake jewelry)