Bonebakker 18 karat gold eternity rings with diamonds and gemstones


Delicate eternity rings are perfect for stacking, and you can create your own favourite look for a style that’s unique to you.

An eternity ring is the perfect starting point. This design is a jewelry wardrobe essential, adding effortless yet statement sparkle to your every look. Brilliant enough on its own, an eternity ring is also highly versatile and pairs beautifully with a number of ring styles.

In our Spring stack we suggest the 18 karat pink gold eternity ring with amethyst combined with the pink sapphire also set in 18 karat gold.

We have in our collection;

  • White / black / brown or blue diamonds
  • rubies, blue/pink/orange/yellow sapphires, tsavorites and emeralds

All options can be made in 18 karat white, yellow and pink gold. Optionally the prongs holding the gems or diamonds can be rhodinated in black.

Black rhodium gives jewelry a dark, radiant luster and has a cool, edgy feel. The sparkle of paved diamonds and gemstones becomes more subtle and understated on a black rhodium background.

Please contact us for your favourite combination or purchase our best seller in 18 karat pink gold and pink sapphire directly in our webshop.